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Use the Income screen to record details of income you earn. The same screen is used to add new sales and edit existing ones. The 'Settings' button App Screenshot provides a shortcut to the Maintain Preferences screen where you can switch warnings and other features on or off.

The date defaults to today's date and can be changed by tapping on the current value and selecting a new date.

Tapping on 'Select Customer' brings up your Contacts list to select an entry from. If the customer is not in your Contacts list, tap on the 'Plus' button App Screenshot to add a new Contact. You just need to add a first and last name, or even just a last name will do. Add as many details to the Contact record as suits your business.

When you tap on 'Select Income Type' a list of types of income created by you will appear. (If you have not yet created any Income Types, you will be prompted to do so). Choose the appropriate item from the list, or if necessary add a new item by tapping on the 'Plus' button. App Screenshot The income types list is maintained by you, see the maintaining Income Items page for details of how to add and manage income types.

Add a quantity and rate (your selling price) for this sale. These fields will have been completed for you by Simple BK, if you included their details when you set up your income item. The receipt field is optional, use it if you issue numbered receipts to your customers to help keep track, or you can use this field to record any other information that is useful to you.

The Notes field is also optional, and can be used to record any additional information about the sale that isn't covered elsewhere. If you don't have anything to record, just leave it blank.

Tap 'Save/Next' when you have completed all the details that you wish to record. You will not be able to save a record if any mandatory fields are missing. When all is well a 'Record Saved' message will appear and the phone will vibrate briefly to incicate that the record has been saved. Tapping on the Cancel button will clear the fields on the form when adding a new sale, or return you to the income list if you are editing an existing record. When adding new sale items Simple BK will remember the last customer to help reduce the number of taps required and so speed up entering multiple sale items. If you are selling to a different customer, simply tap on the entry and select a new value.

A new feature in version 1.3 enables you to add appointments to your default calendar, useful if you see the same customers on a regular basis. This feature can be configured to set the appointment date a given number of days. weeks or months in advance; and will complete the title and location of the appointment for you.