Mileage Screenshot


Use this feature if you account for travelling expenses by claiming a mileage rate for each journey. If you claim capital and running costs for a car or van, etc. then use the Capital and Expense screens to record these outgoings.

The 'Settings' button App Screenshot displays a screen where you can set and maintain a default (standard) mileage rate. Setting this saves you having to enter a mileage rate for every journey.

The date defaults to today's date and can be changed by tapping on the current value and selecting a new date.

Start Point and Destination are optional, enter them if you want to keep track of the places you have visited for journeys made.

You must enter start and end Odometer (mileage) readings, Simple BK will then calculate the distance travelled and the expenses value of this journey.

Tap 'Save/Next' when you have completed all the details you wish to record. You will not be able to save a record if any mandatory fields are missing. When all is well a 'Record Saved' message will appear and the phone will vibrate briefly to incicate that the record has been saved. Tapping on the Cancel button will clear the fields on the form when adding a new mileage record, or return you to the mileage list if you are editing an existing record.