This is a lightweight book keeping (accounts) App with the emphasise on recording income and outgoings quickly and easily. Simple BK will automatically complete many fields for you saving typing effort, but the values provided by Simple BK can be easily overridden when necessary. Simple BK allows you to record income, expenses, stock purchases, mileage (if you account for travel expenses tha way); and basic information about capital purchases. Data can be exported via iTunes® or by email to then use a spreadsheet or other similar software for further analysis. A number of reports are available to help you manage your money including:

  • Income - List
  • Expenses - List
  • Stock Purchases - List
  • Income and Expenses- Totals
  • Income Due (outstanding invoices)
  • Cash Reconcilliation

Most reports can be filtered by date and where applicable by Customer or Supplier to provide a subset of your records. The reports are used to locate individual records for updating or removing (deleting).

The information stored in Simple BK will be backed up whenever you backup your iPhone®; so it is important that you do backup your phone on a regular basis to ensure that you don't loose your book keeping records.

Simple BK has not been designed to meet the requirements of any particular tax or accounting authority, so you may need to manipulate the data (by using the export feature) or maintain additional records to satisfy your tax inspector.

For full details of the Simple BK App check out the Getting Started page; and see how Simple BK can remove the chore from keeping your accounts. A full on-line manual is also accessible from the Getting Started page.

If you haven't already downloaded Simple BK and would like to give it a try you can get a free fully functioning trial version. Just follow this link on your iPhone: Simple BK App or search for Simple BK in the App Store®.