Easter Calculator

A free and simple to use iPhone® App that tells you what you want to know aout the date of Easter Sunday, past present and future.

The Easter Calculator has two options: you can choose a year and see out what date Easter Sunday falls on for that year, or select a date (day and month) and see which years, past and future Easter Sunday fell on for your selected date.

The calculator is based on the Gregorian Calendar and therefore does not go back beyond 1582. For practical reasons you cannot go beyond the year 5,000 in the future.

Download by tapping the 'App Store' button on your iPhone: Easter Sunday - MikeJL


Select a Year

Use the wheel to select a year and the date of Easter Sunday will be displayed.


Select by Day and Month

Use the whels to select a month and day and the calculator will tell you the years in the past and future that Easter Sunday fell on for that date. In the Gregorian Calendar Easter Sunday always falls between 22 March and 25 April, so you cannot select a date outside this range. The two buttons extend the range of results into the past or future respectively.