iPhone development

These applications are designed for the iPhone and iPod touch® and will also work on the iPad®. Use the links for each App to find out more.

Link to Simple BK

Simple BK

Simple BK is a lightweight bookkeeping App for the iPhone or iPod Touch aimed at sole traders. Use Simple BK for bookkeeping tasks such as recording income, expenses, stock purchases and mileage. The App includes features to track outstanding payments from customers and reconcile cash balances; together with a number of reports to help keep track of your income and outgoings.

Use this link from your iPhone to download a free version of Simple BK to try before you buy: Simple BK App or search for Simple BK in the App Store.

App Screenshot

Easter Calculator

A free and simple to use App that tells you what you want to know aout the date of Easter Sunday, past present and future.

Find out what date Easter Sunday falls on for a given year, or select a date and see what years, past and future Easter Sunday fell on for your selected date.

Use this link from your iPhone to download Easter Calculator : Easter Calculator App.

Link to Sudoku Solve

Sudoku Solve

Never be stuck on a Sudoku puzzle again. Sudoku Solve can provide square by square hints to help you solve the toughest problems, or show where you have gone wrong with a partially completed puzzle. Just enter the values from the puzzle and Sudoku Solve will do the rest.

Use this link from your iPhone to download Sudoku Solve: Sudoku Solve App or search for Sudoku Solve in the App Store.